Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"The Witches Reign” with Kevin Alejandro

From interview

Changing gears a little, can we expect Jesus Velazquez to be back to True Blood next season?
Absolutely! Jesus is definitely back. It’s kind of a big season for myself, as well. I’m a witch and this is the season of the witches. I think it’s called the Witches Reign. You’ll see a lot of me. We pick up where we leave off with that true True Blood style. It’s sexy, mysterious, and all kinds of fun.
I’m really fortunate. I’m having a great year. I have two really great, amazing shows that I’m part of, you know, Southland and True Blood. Fortunately, I get to do both of them, and not a lot of people get to do that.

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Rita said...

Really sorry to see him go on Southland
enjoy that show so much,but love him on True Blood to.