Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Make Yourself Heard – Paleyfest 2011

Great post from Sookieverse

One day…in my fantasy world…I will find myself trapped in an elevator for a half hour with Alan Ball, and he will be at my mercy. In my twisted little daydream, I will pick his brain with every single question that’s bugged me, intrigued me, had me lying awake at 1am or reduced me to a screeching, profanity-spewing mess over the last three years.

And he cannot escape.

All of us have at least one burning question that we’d love to ask Alan Ball, the writing team or the True Blood cast. Here’s your opportunity to get it all off your chest.

Paleyfest 2011 is next month, and the True Blood Panel will be held on Saturday, March 5. The panel is yet to be officially confirmed, but questions for Ball, the writers and the cast are now being taken on the Paley Centre site.

Ball and the cast usually drop some sweet spoilers at this event – it was at Paley in 2009 that Alan Ball first confirmed that Eric would have amnesia in season 4, that we would definitely be seeing Alcide in season 3…and uttered the infamous statement about Bill and Sookie having “a connection that would never die.”

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