Sunday, March 6, 2011

'True Blood' Cast Teases Season 4, Sookie's Dilemma

The entire cast of HBO's vamp-tastic True Blood held court on the second night of PaleyFest at Beverly Hills' Saban Theatre on Saturday night. Yes,16 of them, make that 17 if series creator Alan Ball is included.
Nothing earth-shattering was revealed during the session, unless you consider the incessant screams -- the longest and loudest out of all the cast members -- for tall Swede Alexander Skarsgard (Eric) during panel introductions breaking news. (Keep your eyes peeled for exclusive video interviews from the carpet with the cast and creator of True Blood.)
After a sizzle reel of the most memorable scenes from the first three seasons played, a moment from Season 4 whetted the appetite of the blood-hungry crowd. [minor spoiler alert!] The brief scene featured lovebirds Hoyt and Jessica with Pam in front of Fangtasia, as they fend off some protesters. Things get hairy, to say the least.
The topic of True Blood's large ensemble cast was frequently touched upon. New series regular Joe Manganiello (the werewolf Alcide) shared that he was itching to work with Chris Bauer (Andy) and Sam Trammell (Sam), while Kevin Alejandro (Jesus, revealed to be a witch; wiccans play a role, Ball said, adding that "they are not the bringers of evil") joked to loud laughter: "I guess Alex so I can see why everyone screams so much."

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TeamEricSookie said...

Still can't believe that stage held all those actors. Several friends of mine were lucky to make the trip to LA for Paley. They all commented that everybody looked spectacular. Major KUDOS to the casting agents for TB. They know what they're doing.