Saturday, April 16, 2011

True Blood: The Complete Third Season, preorder

HBO Home Entertainment is promising an immersive fan experience with its Blu-ray Disc version of True Blood: The Complete Third Season, offering nearly double the bonus content found with the second season.
The bulk of the extras come with the show’s enhanced viewing mode, which offers such features as character perspectives, in which characters from the show (in this case Jessica, Andy, Tommy and Alcide) pop up to discuss a scene with the audience; a flashback/flash forward mode, in which past or future scenes that relate to the current scene are played; as well as vampire histories and character bios. Viewers can skip from bonus event to bonus event.
New to the third season is “True Blood Lines,” an interactive on-screen guide that highlights the connections between the many worlds in the series.
These Blu-ray extras come in addition to the standard-DVD extras, which include a featurette about the show’s use of werewolves; "True Blood" Post Mortem vignettes; end-of-episode guides for bonus helpings of “True Blood”; Snoop Dogg’s “Oh Sookie” music video; and seven audio commentaries.
The five-disc set is due May 31 at $79.98 (the DVD version is $59.99).