Friday, June 17, 2011

True Blood Radio show: Your last chance to help us keep the 'Talk Blood' show going !!

Please let me know in the next few days if you are willing to help keep broadcasting "Talk Blood" - our 3 year old weekly True Blood talk show / podcast.
As many of you know—the use of Blogtalk Radio is no longer free and to do the talk show for this season of True Blood it  would now cost us approx $400.

For right now,  I just want to know if you’d toss in a few bucks ( $5-10), buy a raffle ticket for a prize giveaway ( $20.00) or if you would sponsor a show for $50. (You get advertising for your blog, business, book or anything you'd like to promote)

Here is just a little information about the show and the blog:
*Unlike many of the True Blood fan sites, I do not run this blog as part of my media business where I do promotion and fan sites for other shows.
*This blog and the radio show has always been a personal labor of love and they have always been PURELY fan based and fan centric. ( HBO Forum, TB Wiki and the TB Twitterverse)
*We are not only big fans of the HBO series True Blood but we are also huge fans of the Charlaine Harris and her Sookie books.

Are you thinking about sponsoring an episode ($50.00)? Do you wonder how many folks listen? I have never bragged, but I think our numbers are staggering! We have had between 250,000 (yes, that’s a quarter million) and 400,000+ (yes, that’s almost a half a million) listeners to the shows over the past 3 seasons. Impressive, huh ?

Just send me and email or post a comment below if you’d be willing to help keep the show going!

Thanks,  Dallas


Andy said...

Dallas, the new season of True Blood will not be the same without your show. You know I'm more than willing to help with a donation, etc. I have faith that Truebees will rally to support you. <3

" Dallas " said...

Thanks Andy -love you bunches.

Rita said...

So sorry to hear this,i will send you ten
dollars as i am on a fixed income.I so
love your show.