Tuesday, July 5, 2011

True Blood unleashes the sex panther (in your pants) by Meredith from io9.com

Meredith will be co hosting Talk Blood this weekend !

True Blood unleashes the sex panther (in your pants)True Blood's back with another historical vampire flashback that highlights Bill's punk years. It was kind of like watching your father do a beer bong while visiting you at college. But more importantly, WHERE IS REVEREND STEVE NEWLIN?
To the True Blood Pro/Con-mobile!
Pro: Jason awakes up to a good were-panther licking. Of course this is how the good folks of Hotshots clean themselves! I can just imagine the directing in this scene. "CUT. It's just not working, it's not catty enough yet. I don't feel like the unwashed-hillbilly-methface-V-juice-junkies are actually panther people as well. Can we get him to lick Jason on the head? Perfect."

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Rita said...

Welcome back Meredith enjoyed your pro &
con was really good.