Saturday, August 20, 2011

Obama a fan of Louisiana Mysteries ?? " The Bayou Trilogy " on his vacation reading list !

The New York Times this morning ran an article entitled "Obama Summer Reading List Leans Toward Fiction " HERE and it talked about what books President Obama had taken with him on his vacation and I found his choice of  " The Bayou Trilogy " an interesting choice and wondered if he loves Louisiana based mysteries,  if he might be a fan of True Blood ? Or maybe Michelle is?  Ha!

Starred Review. Collected in a single volume for the first time, Woodrell's three stellar novels featuring Det. Rene Shade, an ex-boxer turned cop, provide entrée into the Louisiana swamp town of Saint Bruno, a place where "tempers went on the prowl and relief was driving a hard bargain." Woodrell (Winter's Bone) injects Shade's life and various cases with both humor and brutal violence. In Bright Lights (1986), the investigation into a city councilman's murder mushrooms into a corruption scandal, with Shade feeling pressure from above for a quick—and predetermined—result. Muscle for the Wing (1988) finds Shade up against a gang of ex-cons, hell-bent on wrestling control of Saint Bruno's less-than-legal action. Shade and his two brothers—bar owner Tip and district attorney Francois—are reunited with their long-absent paterfamilias, John X., in The Ones You Do (1992), in which John X. returns to Saint Bruno with a 10-year-old daughter and a killer on his trail. There's poetry in Woodrell's mayhem, each novel—and scene—full of gritty and memorable Cajun details.