Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Thanks to everyone for helping to save Talk Blood Radio especially the author, Becca Wilcott

You all know that the use of Blogtalk became very expensive this year and because of these costs Talk Blood Radio on Sunday nights ( my 4 year old Talk Blood radio show/ podcast) almost didn't happen.

In May I put it out on the blog and wrote to a few friends of the blog and told everyone what costs I faced just to keep the show going. Many folks responded with offers of episode sponsorships, raffle prizes and donations,  but weeks before the show was set to start we still hadn't raised all the money needed to fund the show.

Enter our great friend author, Becca Wilcott -you all know her from her many appearances on Talk Blood Radio, her wonderful True Blood column from the National Post ( Canada) and especially from her FANGTASTIC book , Truly, Madly, Deadly: The Unofficial True Blood Companion . She contacted me and offered to help and wanted to make sure that at least the show could get started and that would allow me a little time to make up the difference in additional sponsorships and raffle donations.

So if you've enjoyed one episode of Talk Blood this season,  if you love being in the chatroom right after the episode airs and talking with your friends about that night's happenings can thank,  in large part Becca.

You can email her and say thanks here 
You can tweet her a little thanks 
If you have not read the book, buy it today, it's the best $7 you'll spend! Ol' Dallas is even mentioned in the book. ;-)

Becca is busy,  busy this summer but has she agreed to be on our big 2 hour finale show in September !
Thanks again Becca !

You can support the show by sponsoring an episode for $50 or buying a raffle ticket for $20 ( I have tons of prizes)For more info or to sponsor and episode email me
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