Wednesday, August 31, 2011

True Blood Makes Family Come Together by Alex Cranz of

Last night, while full on riffing on The Matrix (is it 2000 how is this okay?) True Blood nailed home the theme of the episode, if hours of considering things has me thinking correctly. It was all about family.

The bad ass vampire kind of family.

The adorable faintly fairy kind.

The seriously messed up and surprisingly relatable kind.

And the kind that bid a fond farewell because their exits was months overdue.

It may have just been a coincidence, a relative calm before the storm, but it felt like everyone’s story was drifting away from romantic entanglements and into familial ones. This makes sense for Sookie. Though she came to her own conclusions about her love life last week (“I choose polyamory” is the new “I choose me”) the vamps in her life aren’t exactly in on the plan and have their own feelings. Bill has essentially been stagnant all season, he loves Sookie but he’s a bad ass vampire king now and he will never ever share. Eric got sparkle touched into his old self but now he’s tempered by the puppy dog Eric and in love with Sookie.

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