Tuesday, August 9, 2011

True Blood” Sucker Punch: Season 4, Ep. 7

Welcome to Sucker Punch, the only blog post that ranks the gaudiest moments on this week’s episode of True Blood.

You guys, the very beginning of “Cold Grey Light of Dawn” made me think I was going crazy. See, I’ve got a borderline addiction to the game Plants vs. Zombies. Even though I’ve beaten it three times and have completed all but one of the achievement tasks (curse you, Survival: Endless!), I just keep playing. I keep pilfering my partner’s iPad and developing new strategies for garlic and corn-pults. In fact, I had just finished a game when I fired up this week’s True Blood, and to make sure I didn’t start playing during an Alcide scene , I put the iPad on the other side of the living room.
But then the episode started… and I heard Plants v. Zombies. I almost lost my mind. Was the iPad playing for me? Did my apartment have ghost who really wanted to beat the fog levels? I was spooked.
Then, of course, I realized that Katerina, the spy that Bill placed in Marnie’s coven, was playing PvZ on her iPad as she came down to check on Marnie/Antonia in her cell. I sighed with actual relief.
But think about this: Katerina stumbles upon Luis, whose mind is under Marnie/Antonia’s control. She sees hims “attacking” Martonia and threatens to shoot him, and Martonia sics him on her. Martonia wants to escape Bill’s prison, but she also wants revenge on Katerina for being a spy… or a plant. And since Luis is under her control, he’s moving around like a zombie. It’s Plants v. Zombies: True Blood Edition. TOO MUCH!

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Rita said...

You did so good this week,so far you and Jef have got it.