Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What's on teevee in Bon Temps ? Part Deux

OK-- he we go again , another episode where everyone in Bon Temps had something blaring on the teevvee.

Hoyt was watching the show Oddities which airs on the Discovery channel their fans on the Facebook page for the real shop were touting the fact that the Viking skull and Mummified cat were both featured on True Blood.
( On Talk Blood Radio with me Sunday night Brian Juergens pegged it !)

Show web page http://dsc.discovery.com/tv/oddities/   ( mummified cat video is there )
Facebook page HERE

Then Jason is watching Teevee but what show ?? Brian thought it was Ghost Adventures from Travel Channel and I thought it was Bear Grylls. Does anyone know for sure ??Is it Zak Bagans? Help ??

There's not a peep about it on GA FB about it ??


Rita said...

Jason was watching Bear Grylls and Hoyt
i am with Brian it is Oddities.

LittlePinkStone said...

I can confirm Jason is not watching Ghost Adventures. The guys hair on TV is NOT as douchey as Zak's. I am a huge fan of Ghost Adventures so I say that with love.