Wednesday, September 14, 2011

'Blood' star Alexander Skarsgard shows true range in films

NEW YORK – Alexander Skarsgard isn't the first acting hunk to be compared to Brad Pitt.
Like Paul Newman crossed with Brad Pitt: That's how Alexander Skarsgard was described by Rod Lurie, who directed the Swedish actor in 'Straw Dogs,' out Friday.

But the Swede might be one of the few who's up to the task. Known as True Blood's icy-hot Viking vampire, he is preparing to take a bite out of the box office with an impressive slew of flicks.

First up is Friday's remake of Straw Dogs, which transplants the chilling 1971 Dustin Hoffman-led story into the sweaty, close-knit Deep South. Skarsgard, 35, plays local football hero Charlie, whose lust for actress ex-girlfriend Amy (Kate Bosworth) turns violent once she returns home with writer husband David (James Marsden).

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