Monday, September 19, 2011

True Blood: A Couple Of Things We Missed by Jefwithonef from Houston Press

Listen, Gothtopia makes mistakes... mostly mistakes named Amy, but sometimes we make other, non-werewolf-obsessed sex-partner mistakes too. For instance, there were two musical stories involved in this season of True Blood that the high journalism standards we try so very hard to pretend to have demanded we cover, but we just plain missed. Usually, we would have waited until the show had a lull while showing repeats to address these lapses, but this is the first season where there was literally no break in the action.

Now that it's over, we'd like to address those musicians we offended by omitting them, and the first is from right here in Houston. Chris Knudson, better known as Kanude, is a singer now based in Austin laying down a combination of rock and Americana he calls Americronica. He's wandered all over the country plying his trade, and even as far as Berlin, and earns our respect for having worked with Robert Rodriguez on the score for El Mariachi.

​Kanude's tune "Wheels" made its appearance back in the second episode, "You Smell Like Dinner." Rocks Off too busy throwing up in our mouths whenever we typed Jinx Titanic and Super 8 Cum Shot, which was the band we chose to focus on since the episode was named after their awesome single.

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This was so good,glad you did it.