Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sleuthing in TrueBloodville- The travelogue of our trip to Louisiana

TrueBloodinDallas (Dallas) and ObjectDesire (Object)

Sunday, December 28th: Hush, Hush planning meeting to coordinate details of super secret expedition to TBville. Meet and recruit bookstore employee for future missions. Chai latte is involved –yummy.

Monday, December 29th, bright and early: Check supplies, pack gear, kiss cats/dogs/children/spouses goodbye. Dallas leaves a cryptic clue on the blog with a picture of the Louisiana state bird , the brown Pelican ( no one gets the clue!) Depart Dallas.

10:00am "ish": Cross Louisiana state line. Cheer loudly. Funny that the state line sign does not say “Welcome to the Kingdom of Louisiana “

10:45 to 11:30: Discover that Object is not as good a navigator as she claims. See many parts of Shreveport that would have remained undiscovered otherwise, however.

11:30 Arrive at first destination, the "Blind Tiger" restaurant on historic Shreve Square, downtown Shreveport. This restaurant was selected in advance as an homage to Quinn (the weretiger). We consume excellent Cajun cuisine
(Dallas: shrimp po'boy; Object: blackened red snapper). Object tips cute young waiter generously because he graciously brings pitchers of both sweetened and unsweetened iced tea to the table to refill her glass exactly half and half as she requested (honest, that is the only reason).

Afternoon: Using Dallas' research and trusty map, we quickly find Lucky Liquors, the site where Monroe vamps house was burned, the Strand Theatre (where Quinn takes Sookie to see "The Producers"), and the Ogilvie-Wierner house that can be seen in True Blood opening credits. Quite exciting!

We leave Shreveport and head south. Armed with clues and extensive research by Dallas, at 1:54pm, we round a bend on a country road, and there is Bill's house!!! Object's daughter is unfortunate enough to have called at that moment and is still complaining about the ringing in her ears from all the jubilant screaming--oops. Dallas parks on road to take pictures. Temptation is too great and she swipes a handful of gravel from the drive. Construction foreman (the house is under renovation) drives his Jason's pickup truck down the drive to ask us what the heck we are doing. Dallas glamours foreman and he reveals that the owners of the house are renovating the property for personal use (not for a B&B as we had hoped).

Drove to nearby small town that stands in for scenes of downtown Bon Temp. Get pictures of square with courthouse where Jason learns of Gran's death, then find location where Jason saves large oak tree from the clutches of Rene's jackhammer. Discover to our delight that there is an establishment on the property named "Bubba's." How perfect is that! Dallas refuses to allow Object to enter local beauty shop to find out where in the world Jason's house is located. She does not believe that Object is sufficiently skilled at glamouring techniques and it would just be plain embarrassing.

Our eerie luck runs out and we drive around beautiful countryside for another hour and half looking for Jason's house (Dallas threatens to hit Object's portable gps system with a hammer when it provides instructions for a third u-turn in the same 2 mile stretch of highway). We stop for banana splits to console ourselves, then head to Keatchie to see if any restaurant similar to MawMaw's Mud Bugs (where Tara and Lettie Mae dine) exists. Find a "Crawdaddy's" convenience store in a nearby town, but discover that no mud bugs are for sale.

Happy but somewhat exhausted, we head back to Shreveport. Portable gps system redeems itself by leading us quickly to Superior Bar & Grill for one last fabulous meal (Mexican food). This was a recommendation by posters on the Charlaine Harris chat board. Dallas has fish tacos and Object has grilled bacon-wrapped shrimp stuffed with Monterrey jack cheese and poblano peppers. Because we are driving back to Dallas, we sadly forego the excellent looking margaritas that are served in large Styrofoam tumblers.

Spend trip back to Dallas planning our next adventure. Stay tuned!


Keyse said...

Oh ladies, you are so cute!

Anonymous said...

What fun Dallas and Object! Good sleuthing and sounds like good eats too!

Selle Castaigneda said...

Wow, what fun!! The picture of Bill's house was excellent. It was neat to see it in the daylight. Thanks for sharing this trip with us!

Anonymous said...

Interesting stuff, thanks! If Bill's house is being renovated, does that mean it won't be used in future episodes, or will be shown in a renovated state?

Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks for the tour - I loved seeing the pictures and reading about the different places.

SconesNTea said...

Wow you enjoy tea too? Bravo! I recommend some scotes to go with it. Great Tour!

SconesNTea said...

Wow you enjoy tea too? Bravo! I recommend some scotes to go with it. Great Tour by the way, I enjoyed reading your post