Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ask Dallas : Here Dean, come boy !

Btanalo sent me an email with a great question about Dean, the dog. I love receiving email but I can't promise that I will always be able to find or know the answer to questions , but this time I was able to find out the answer for her ...

She wrote :

I'd sure like to know more about the dog who plays Dean/Sam. Have you seen anything written up about him/her?

Well BT - I'd like you to meet the animal actor who actually plays Dean , his real name is Duffy and he is an English Shepard. Dean as we know is Sam's alter ego , or what he becomes when he shifts to a dog from his human form.

Dean ... I mean Duffy actually works at Boone's Animals for Hollywood.

I also believe that the lovely Tina, the cat may also be one of the British Blue cats that also work with Duffy at Boone's.


True Blood also states at the end of every show " The America Humane Association Monitored the animal action. No animals were harmed.

To find out more about the Film & TV Unit of the American Humane Society
visit here :

Established in 1940, American Humane’s Film & Television Unit is the leading authority on the safe use of animals in film. We are the only animal welfare organization in the world with on-set jurisdiction from the Screen Actors Guild to supervise the use of animals. We are also the only organization with the authority to issue our renowned “No Animals Were Harmed”® end-credit disclaimer.

Animals Trainer include :
•Boone Narr
•David Bruce Allsberry
•Shawn Weber
•Brian Turner
•Linda Rowe
•Brian Turi
•Scott Davis
•Tracy Kelly
•Richard Long
•Scott Rowe


Unknown said...

Very cool. Thanks Dallas, I've come across the Boones Animals website once before. I didn't realize Duffy was an English Shepard, and thought he was a collie mix. He's a nice looking, very talented dog.