Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Yes, Virginia, there really is a Bill Compton house Pt. I

Yes, Virginia, there really is a Bill Compton house.

No, it IS NOT just a facade on some studio back lot. It's a real home and a real Pre-Civil War historic treasure.

No, it's not exactly located in Bon Temps and it is not next to the Tall Pines (Bon Temp) cemetery , nor just up the road from Sookie's house but it is a real home and a real beauty.

Let me say RIGHT off, I am not divulging any secrets or letting anyone see anything that hasn't already been made very public, but I would caution anyone to never interfere with filming or trespass on private property that also serve as film locations. The TV /Motion Picture industry is a very important business and brings much needed jobs and revenues to the local economies, especially in an area like Louisiana and I would urge everyone to always remember that and always be respectful.

Bill's house is actual known as Roseneath Plantation and it is located in De Soto Parish, Louisiana. When we visited it, last month it was undergoing extensive renovation and the contractor told us it was being renovated for the family. Generations of the Means family have continually inhabited the home since it was built in the mid 19th century. It is a lovely, stately old home and has stood there in that beautiful, lush rolling farm land since 20 years before the Civil War.

I have always thought it's most interesting and unique architectural attribute are the jalousie between the front porch columns. ( those kind of shutters). It's architectural description from it's historic designation.

Roseneath is a large, two story, frame Greek Revival plantation home located in a rural setting near the tiny community of Gloster. It has received relatively few alterations since construction. The house was built for William Bundy Means of South Carolina and has been occupied continuously by the Means family. The date passed down through the generations is 1846.

You can read the entire document here:

Document pertaining to it's designations with the National Register for Historic places ( maps, photos, etc.)


Here is an article about the home from the Times of Acadiana: Tracking vampires in North Louisiana


Our wonderful trip travelogue from December http://lovingtruebloodindallas.blogspot.com/2008/12/sleuthing-in-truebloodville-travelogue.html

Photos from our Louisiana trip :



Anonymous said...

I had to dig back in the archives to find this post. I was watching the A & E channel last night and they were running this promo for their show call the Exterminators and I saw Bill's house. I guess the owner had a raccoon problem and called the guy over. You can see the clip here and close to the end you can see the frontal view of the house