Saturday, January 10, 2009

Review: Dead to the World, Charlaine Harris

Interesting review from Racy Romance, I loved her description of Hotshot "I loved the introduction of the Hotshot shifter community. Basically, it’s Deliverance meets The Munsters."

In each Southern Vampire Mystery, heroine Sookie Stackhouse deals with a threat to a loved one while being drawn in to some larger intrigue in the paranormal community. In Dead to the World, it’s her randy brother Jason who has gone missing, while an ambitious coven of vamp-blood drinking witches, some of them Weres, have come to town. These two plot lines are equally strong, and are weaved together in a satisfying way in DTTW.

DTTW opens with a naked Eric Northman crossing Sookie’s path as she drives home from work at Merlotte’s bar. Eric’s memory has been wiped by a witch, and Sookie agrees to hide him in her home. Normally, Eric is ruthless, self-interested, ambitious, power-hungry, confident to the point of conceit, and morosely funny. I found it remarkable how Harris was able to write Eric in this book: somehow all of those characteristics were transformed into their begin variations. He was still Eric, yet … not.

Here’s an example. The coven has come looking for Eric, and Sookie has rushed home to tell Eric to hide: “You advise me to hide? To get back in that black hole below your house?” He sounded uncertain, but it was clear to me his pride was piqued.

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