Saturday, January 10, 2009

Trim away the decades

I think there is a resurgence in 70's hairstyles especially for men , but I think it's more than just from Mad Men -there is also the hit new show, Life on Mars and then there is is True Blood , which has Bill sporting long sideburns and Eric's long hair, they are also a flashback to popular 70's styles ( by way of the U.S. Civil War and the Viking Age of one thousand years ago, of course )

By James R. Sanders Inquirer Staff Writer

It's easy to be confused. Whether he's riding a bus, shopping at the market or dancing at a club, your fellow man may prompt you to ask, "What decade is this?"

Back by popular demand, men's hairstyles of the '60s and '70s - two very different looks - have returned. For those of you who can't remember, that's the shaggy, I-can't-see-your-eyes look or the clean-cut shorter styles of the ever popular Mad Men.

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