Friday, March 20, 2009

Bill Compton - Hero Jealousy: A Virtue or a Vice?

Racy Romance Reviews writes about jealousy..

I often love those moments when a hero gets jealous of the heroine. But at other times, the jealous hero appalls me. Here’s why......

Charlaine Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse series provides lots of opportunities for male jealousy, as Sookie has so many admirers. But nobody does jealousy like vampire Bill Compton. In the second book, Living Dead in Dallas, the two have split up. Jealousy is the push they need to get back together. Sookie attends a high school football game with a handsome former classmate, JB. As JB gives her a kiss, Sookie glances down and sees Bill on a lower bleacher twisted around, “staring a hole in her”. Sookie first thinks it was a “wonderful screw-him moment”, but then immediately realizes “I just wanted him”. This scene precipitates their reunion: Sookie comes home from the game to find Bill waiting for her. They make mad love and afterwards Bill, always suave with the ladies, says, “You smell like him.”

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