Friday, March 20, 2009

Dead and Gone ...drip, drip, drip

The review for Book 9, Dead and Gone does have an error but it is a real review by a reputable reviewer.

I'm thinking stepdaughter should maybe have been stepfather ..?
So, the line "The owner of Merlotte’s stepdaughter almost kills her mother" maybe should have read The "owner of Merlotte’s stepfather almost kills his mother " and we know this from Chapter One which was leaked by Charlaine, herself.

This is what Charlaine said about the mistake and the reviewer, Harriet Klausner.

Harriet does read the books, but she reads about three a day or something amazing like that. I think the plot gets scrambled with the other books she's reading. Charlaine Harris

The review is posted here from yesterday if you missed it.

I have been contacted by 3 people who have received reviewers copies of the book and we will be seeing more reviews soon. I'm sure many, many more details from the book will begin leaking out ...and what I've heard is great !!!

We do now know from the review that Crystal gets killed, Sookie is almost kidnapped and has a romance ...


Kristin said...

My prediction is that after Sookie is almost kidnapped Eric wants to protect her and has her stay with him at his place. If I remember correctly Charlaine said on her site that Sookie would be seeing Eric's home in this book.

Anonymous said...

Sookie will not travel in this book. The part about Eric's house is possibly in book 10.