Sunday, March 29, 2009

The importance of Sookie short stories: An Anthology Just for One Story?

Our friend Bella over at 'Confessions of a Bibliophile' blog writes about the short story " Lucky"
I preach the sermon of Sookie short stories every place a get a soap box -so, thanks to Bella for helping me with my mission !

Here is the complete list and time line for all the Sookieverse short stories and novella.

Does anyone get anthologies for just one story?

I got this one from the library just so I could read Lucky by Charlaine Harris. The story was very much enjoyable, especially as I'm out of Sookie Stackhouse stories until Dead and Gone is released, and I may end up reading a few of the other stories.

Lucky is the story of Amelia and Sookie investigating the recent break-ins of their local insurance agent, Greg Aubert. During their investigations they come across vampires-in-hiding, and a little too much luck floating around.

This story is set between All Together Dead and From Dead to Worse, and is a must for Sookie fans, like me, that are waiting for Dead and Gone to be released.