Sunday, March 29, 2009

True Blood to air in Singapore and what a very small world it is

I'm getting pretty excited about my upcoming blogtalk radio show on Monday night. This past week, I have been interviewing True Blood and Sookie Stackhouse fans from all over the world and it's been a blast . Tune in Monday night 9pm for more!

One of the things that I asked in these interviews was is there anything I could do more of on the blog that would help our international friends and one of them said that they appreciated all the international articles that I post (I kind of love it as well as the foreign language Sookie book covers) and they'd love to see posts especially with dates so they can forward to their friends.
So here goes overseas friends ... If you are in Singapore ( I'd love to interview you!) and

Singapore. True Blood lands on our shores on 9th April on Cinemax StarHub Channel 59. It debuts with a whopping 4 episodes back to back and double episodes on subsequent Thursdays. Wow...a true True Blood overload. If it is as good as everyone says it is...I won't mind. I'm seriously thinking about subscribing to the channel just to watch the series...sure its probably going to be heavily edited...but when else will I be able to catch the series.