Tuesday, March 3, 2009

True Blood Video Artists and Emerging Technology Discussions on Loving True Blood in Dallas Blogtalk radio Show

Thanks so much to everyone for hanging in there with me last night, even with the lovely technical issues. It turned out to be an excellent show ..
Thanks so much to everyone who creates these great videos and provides us all with so much enjoyment.

The archived podcast is now up, here (blue box top right) or it's available now on iTunes.

These are the links that we discussed last night; the invited guests and the link so that you canwatch the CSPAN Emerging Technology discussion with CEOs of Twitter, Youtube, Facebook etc .

The Skarsgard Channel

She doesn’t create music videosbut she maintains one of the best Alex Skarsgard collection of videos on Youtube and she includes many great hard to find clips from his European movies, television appearances, and interviews.
She was especially helpful recently with the video I posted of the Swedish TV show, where Alex appears as a lounge singer in the band Boogey Knights and he was sings the song “Tusen oh en nat “. She was THE only place who had the lyrics in Swedish and the English translation.
Thanks again to Karin from Skarsgard channel.

Sparkley Edward or Yumi

Thanks to Yumi. She is a student in Georgia and wants to study graphic arts.

Two of my favorite videos of here:
Two Hearts

Trubldfan or annie

Annie just does these videos as a hobby; she says some of them take hours and hours to create.

Two of my favorites here:
True Blood spooky mix
Love song requiem (over 6,000 viewings)

Thellou or Lou

Lou lives in South Carolina and says making videos is definitely one of my
creative outlets.

Two of my favorites here:
Drift off to dream by Travis Tritt
Creep by Radiohead

Lost Eyesight or Michael

Two of my favorites here:
All night Dine
Shes just happens to date the Prince of Darkness


Nocturn lives in Florida and also does this as a hobby.

Two of my favorites here:
Good Enough
Behind blue eyes

Evan Williams, a co-founder of Twitter, talks about the company and its prospects. with CEOs of Facebook, YouTube and Adobe lead a panel on the future of new technologies from last month's World Economic Forum.

Watch here on Cspan