Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Go ask Dallas: What's this I hear about a Sookie companion book ?

Hey Dallas I saw something on your blog about a Sookie companion book, what's the name and when will it be out?

Yes, over the last few months Charlaine has been talking about an upcoming Sookie companion book. This is NOT to be confused with the short story anthology, A Touch of Dead which will be out in October. As reported here "Harris sold a Sookie Stackhouse Companion to Ginjer Buchanan at Ace Books. Harris will edit the volume and write a new Sookie novella for it."

Charlaine said on her blog in January 09 "My publisher is hoping to get the Sookie Companion book off the ground this year, though the publication date has yet to be finalized"

In a recent interview Charlaine said..“We’re just calling it the Sookie Companion as a working title, though that may be the ultimate name! It’s going to contain an original novella, a character list, a map, some recipes, synapses of all the books, and possibly some pieces from HBO. I’m very excited about it.”

No name and no final publication date have been announced yet.