Wednesday, April 29, 2009

'Let me have another': What Bon Temp drinks

For the story taking place much of the time in a bar there really isn't that much drinking in the Sookie books. Oh yeah, pitchers of beer but this is what I came up with for mixed drinks.
Who drank them and when ...

Soookie says in From Dead to Worse " I didn’t know a single malt scotch from a hole in the ground, but Sam did, of course, and he gave me a shining clean glass with a very respectable shot of it. I serve liquor, but I seldom drink it. Most folks around here drink the real obvious stuff: beer, bourbon and Coke, gin and tonic, Jack Daniel’s."

What did I miss ?
Do we find out in the books what Jane Bodehouse drinks ?

Eggs Benedict Bk2

Bourbon and Coke
Sookie Bk 1 Merlotte's
Anny Bellefluer Bk 2
Catfish Hunter Bk 5
Kevin Bk4

Gin and Tonic

Sookie Bk 1 Fangtasia ( recipe)
Kenya Bk4

Champagne Cocktail

Sookie Bk 3

Scotch (single malt Scotch)
Copley Carmichael Bk8
Father Lintrell Bk6

Rum and Coke

Selah Pumphries Bk 8
Jasper Voss Bk8

Jason Stackhouse Bk2
Liz Barrett Bk2
Whiskey Sour
Sid Matt Lancaster Bk1

Screwdriver Sookie Bk2