Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Loving True Blood Blogtalk: It's a man's world, male fans talk about the Sookieverse ( Episode 19)

Thanks so much to everyone who participated in such a great show last night.

Very special thanks to our musical artist, Tchaka Diallo whose music is featured on True Blood Season one. Tchaka said his song, " Rolex " will be out on iTunes soon. You can always find everything out about Tchaka, his music performances etc. by visiting his Myspace or Reverbnation site.


You can find and follow our Twitter characters @HoytFortenberry and @FranciscoIV

And our friend Doug who runs the SciFiGuy.ca website http://www.scifiguy.ca/

I had one question that I asked all 7 guys " What one characteristic of the Sookie character do you admire most in woman?

If you were keeping tabs, the guys said they loved the Sookie character because she was strong, capable, sensible, mysterious ...Oh Yeah, and that she is well endowed. Ha!
Thanks guys!

If you missed the show podcast link below: