Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Executive for HBO’s Entertainment Division: has high hopes for “True Blood

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Sue Naegle, a veteran Hollywood talent agent who helped bring the series “Six Feet Under” to HBO, was appointed president of the cable channel’s entertainment division on Wednesday and immediately charged with helping it identify and develop a slate of worthy successors to that hit series and, more important, “The Sopranos.”

Ms. Naegle, 38, was co-head of the television department at United Talent Agency in Los Angeles. She succeeds one of the channel’s longest-serving executives, Carolyn Strauss, who is being given a development and production deal inside the company. As president of HBO Entertainment, Ms. Naegle will oversee all series and specials.

Ms. Naegle’s task is a formidable one in which her performance will be measured against that of the executives who shepherded “The Sopranos,” one of the most popular series in the relatively short life of cable television and among the most well received programs in the history of the medium.

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Anonymous said...

The other relevant detail is that Ms. Naegle was Alan Ball's agent from some years. They have a relationship that predates Ms. Naegle being Alan Ball's boss (essentially). This bodes well for the longevity of the show, I would think.