Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Paleyfest coverage from Dallas and @SookieBonTemps: Part 1

Ok , what I'm going to do is use @SookieBonTemps tweets as a narrative for my Paley event photos, videos etc.
I will also add my own comments but Sook did the tweeting and I did video and photographs (because I ended up on the second row) It was so great getting to know @SookieBonTemps in person as we have been online friends since with both started doing our True Blood/ Sookie fan stuff.

We both choose to stay incognito and we are the most unlikely of all teams but I think we did a good job of covering the event together.

So here is Part One :

We line up: 4:30 pm ( doors at 6:00)


We are here!

Gotta good seat ! So excited. ( getting there early paid off)

Holy smokes! Got butterflies!

Everyone say a prayer to the battery gods for me. ( It's always tricky to try to keep our phones charged)

Folks? Anyone want a ticket to the True Blood panel at PaleyFest? ( Yes' we ended up with 2 unused tickets !)

They're playin' the Bill theme

The broodin' Bill music from the show

Feelin' faint

Folks, once this starts, I won't be able to reply to you

Show description from the program.

They're playin' "Take me home." *gettin' teary

Ooh...they're sayin' that they're gonna be showin' Season 2 clips..