Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Reviewette: Bite Anthology --- One Word Answers by Charlaine Harris

Tink from the blog Myblog2.0 writes about my favorite subject: Sookie Stackhouse short stories!

Publisher: Jove Publishing / Penguin Group Publishing Pages: 35 - 65

From the Cover: Meet a down home southern girl who's found out, much to her chagrin, that vampires are her type.

Meet Sookie Stackhouse, she's just a barmaid who can read minds. She's not psychic or anything, really, this is just her disability. Oh, and one more thing, vampires are like welcome vacation, a quiteness to her overwhelmed mind.....

As Sookie and Bubba (Elvis in a previous life) are raking leaves at dusk, a limo pulls up. One thing's for sure, there aren't any limos in Bon Temps. Out of town visitors have arrived, and Bubba makes himself scarce, he's shy around new people and Sookie hopes he has gone to fetch Bill Compton, one-time vampire lover and still good friend. She can smell trouble brewing, well see it actually, the limo has vampires and something else, a shifter maybe.
When Mr. Cataliades and Waldo alight from the limo, something is up. Mr. Cataliades is a lawyer come to talk about cousin Hadley's estate. Sookie didn't even know she had died. According to Waldo, The Fellowship of the Sun followers staked her at a cemetery, leaving Sookie with her estate. How odd, Waldo - a vampire, couldn't tell there were humans at the cemetery, especially ones with stakes, human heart races, surely he should have felt them, better yet smelled them and their blood.

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