Friday, April 17, 2009

True Blood Paleyfest coverage from Dallas and @SookieBonTemps: Part 3

I'm using @SookieBonTemps tweets as a narrative for my Paley event photos, videos etc.
I will also add my own comments but Sook did the tweeting and I did video and photographs (because I ended up on the second row) It was so great getting to know @SookieBonTemps in person as we have been online friends since with both started doing our True Blood/ Sookie fan stuff.

We both choose to stay incognito and we are the most unlikely of all teams but I think we did a good job of covering the event together.

*Part One I HERE / Part Two 2 HERE
* It will be a 4 part series.

(*Dallas comments in parenthesis)

Trammell just admitted to screamin' like a girl when he got the part.

Kwanten just said he read for Bill!

LOL! Moyer just joked about auditioning for Sookie!

Anna's talkin' about stalking Alan Ball to get the role

She's talkin' about transforming into a southern blond!

Props to Rutina Wesley for her performance as Tara. Talkin' about being "balls to the wall.". And she went school with Nelsan!

Currently shootin episode 7. Ball is finishing writing episode 11. Now he's talking music on True Blood

Hold onto your hats. They're drilling Skarsgard about the Eric love. Just referred to himself as a glorified extra

Ellis is talkin' AIDS burgers and the Bush mask! Everyone is talking favorite scenes. Kwanten's talking about all the angles they shot

Trammell just said he enjoyed workin' it out with Tara...and Anna. Least favorite scene was running naked in beige jazz shoes. No shit!

Moyer is actually really funny!

Moyer's talking about the burning scene and the makeup for "grilled Bill." No one wanted to look at him. Anna liked Sam waking up naked

Anna Paquin is a masochist! Just said she loves gettin' the crap outta here!

Ball is talking script. Said he normally hates improv, but Ellis changed it for him

Moyer is talking about the demographic of folks watching the show -- everyone. Ellis is talkin' about folks that see him as the character.

OMG! Ellis just talked about being boring and playing SCRABBLE!


Missie, The Unread Reader said...

Dallas, Great coverage! Thank you!

(p.s. Stop hiding from us, @Sookie, this means you too)


zooamy said...

Good stuff! Thanks for the coverage!

Unknown said...


I love the videos! And thanks for usin' my crackpot commentary. I still can't get over Nelsan Ellis talkin' about SCRABBLE! LOL!

@s.meadows I'm gonna keep hidin!