Saturday, April 18, 2009

True Blood Paleyfest coverage from Dallas and @SookieBonTemps: Part 4

I'm using @SookieBonTemps tweets as a narrative for my Paley event photos, videos etc.
I will also add my own comments but Sook did the tweeting and I did video and photographs (because I ended up on the second row) It was so great getting to know @SookieBonTemps in person as we have been online friends since with both started doing our True Blood/ Sookie fan stuff.

We both choose to stay incognito and we are the most unlikely of all teams but I think we did a good job of covering the event together.

*Part One I HERE / Part Two 2 HERE Part 3 HERE
* It will be a 4 part series.

(*Dallas comments in parenthesis)

Skarsgard's talking about the character of Eric. Just called him a sweetheart? Kwanten is talking about throwing out the actor's handbook.

Rutina is talking about the big heart behind the big mouth. Ball is saying Michelle Forbes' character has evolved

Whole cast on stage.

Skarsgard's talking pink leggings...said he'd look forward to it. If Ball writes it. Ball's promising big surprises. Book and nonbook.

Cambodian disco dancing and Tuvan throat singing! Moyer is a riot!

Ball believes the show has many years. Season 3 not Confirmed

Ball just described the series of a big bowl of possibilities. Someone just asked a question about nudity on show. Kwanten's not bothered

The sack of destiny = the cock sock. Skarsgard just said he's disappointed to not be naked all the time. 'Cause he's Swedish

Tara love! Ball's saying Sookie needed a pal, not just a parade of hot guys

Anna just said that where the dirt went during the graveyard sex scene wasn't a concern. Moyer's talking about bursting through the ground.

In a big black condom. LOL

Bill's Babes just got props from Ball. Asking Moyer who he'd want to play if not Bill. Said he'd love to channel is inner Lafayette.

Ball's talking about casting. Characters first, actors later. Can the actors bring the material to life?

Question about Gran. Ball says he feels blessed having to work with him.
Michael Raymond James wept during the shooting of the flashback

Ball's asking for a shameless plug: buy the DVD

Whole cast is 'fessin up to who read the books. And it's Over

Folks rushin' the stage for autographs

Pray that the pics on my camera are good! Going to dinner with @trueblooddallas, @objectdesire, @robiart and some friends.

At Kitchen24 with everyone post-Paley.

Not sure if this pic posted! And no, I sure as heck wasn't gonna fight the horde of women rushin' the stage.

Folks, it's been an eventful night. Thanks for tuning in.