Saturday, April 18, 2009

True Blood Season Two Poster: the optical illusion community weighs in !

This is why you gotta love the internet from Mighty Optical Illusion blog ..Ha! (Biggest Optical Illusions Community Blog. Dedicated to visual phenomena and real life illusions)

For all you fans of True Blood out there, I have a little teaser for you for the upcoming second season of the HBO hit vampire show. The teaser comes in the form of a new poster for the new season which of course features a blood spill pattern, the show’s trademark image. Pay special attention though, as the poster is much more than that. At first glance, you may just see the blood but if you focus, you’ll see the silhouette of a vampire about to feed from some poor lady’s neck. This concept is based off the famous Rubin’s Face, a famous optical illusion that allows for two completely separate interpretations of the same image. When you enter the article, you'll see another example in the form of redesigned movie poster for Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade. Which one did you like better?

They look at other optical illusions used in movie posters and in the past great is that ?


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