Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dead and Gone: the Sookie / Eric blood bond

We recently looked at all the instances in Book 9 when sookie mentioned her unusual physical, emotional and mental feelings . Here are some mentions of the blood bond.
See what you think..did I miss any ?

The closer I got to the vampire bar, the more my pulse picked up; this was the downside to the blood bond I had with Eric Northman. I knew I was going to see him, and I was simply happy about it.

The wave of delight wasn't necessarily related to Eric's gorgeousness or the fact that we'd bumped pelvises, though. The blood bond was responsible.
Maybe. I had to fight the feeling pg24

At least he didn't try to sugarcoat it by saying, "I thought he might bother you" or "I did it for your own good." No matter how bonded we were-and I was actually struggling against the temptation to smile at him-I felt the hair on the back of my neck rising at Eric managing my life like this.

"This is for your protection, dear heart," he said. He was trying to be serene so that some of that serenity would run through our bond and drown my agitation

It's hard to explain how the bond made me feel. No matter how furious I got with Eric, I was happier when I was with him. It wasn't that I yearned for him uncontrollably when we were separated; it was just that I was aware of him. All the time. I wondered if it was the same for him.pg26

It was the first time I'd come to Fangtasia simply to talk, without having been called there for some vampire reason. Blood bond or something much more natural? "I think . . . I just wanted some company," I said. "No soul-shaking revelations."

"I've done a stupid thing, and I don't know how I feel about it," I said.So I told her the long story, beginning with the incident in Rhodes where I'd exchanged blood with Eric for what turned out to be one too many times. I told her about the weird bond we had as a result.
"So how are you feeling about Eric?" Tara asked.
"I don't know," I said. "There are things I almost love about him, and things about him that scare the hell out of me. And I really . . . you know . . . want him. But he pulls tricks for what he says is my own good. I believe he cares about me. But he cares about himself mostly."

"Also, Eric more or less owns a piece of you because of this blood-bond thing. Which he didn't necessarily plan out in advance, to give him

"Will this change the blood bond?" I asked. I was careful not to sound like I was accusing him of something. But of course, I was."Felipe wanted you.
The stronger our bond, the less chance there is he can maneuver you away."I flinched. "I can't do that."
"You won't need to," Eric said, his voice flowing over me like a feather quilt. "We are pledged with the knife. We are bonded. He can't take you from me."

"I don't know if the-comfort-I feel with you is the blood exchange or a feeling I would've had naturally," I said, pg 81

If I'd let Andre share blood that night, I'd be free now, since he's dead. I still couldn't decide how I felt about that-probably three different ways.

"The blood exchange has worked both ways," he said. "I've had the blood of many women. I've had almost utter control over them. But they never drank mine. It's been decades, maybe centuries since I gave any woman my blood.
Maybe not since I turned Pam."

Night would fall soon. Since Eric and I had bonded, I'd found myself thinking of him every day as the sky grew dark. Now that we'd slept together, my thoughts had turned into cravings. I tried to stuff him in the back of my mind on the drive to the bar, but he persisted in popping to the fore.

I didn't feel happy or content, so I knew that even the bond was exhausted, at least temporarily. Pg129


anna said...

Especially that last bit about the bond being exhausted makes me wonder whether Sookie isn't actually misunderstanding what the blood bond does. I think instead of it causing her to feel happy, when she sees Eric, it might just be his happiness at seeing her that she can feel through the bond. This would also explain why she thinks the bond is exhausted in the "hospital", because, obviously, Eric wouldn't be happy at seeing her this hurt.

Jasperann said...

I agree with you Anna, that is what I've thought all along. I think she feels what he is feeling, but not because they are her feelings but because he is also bonded with her. So what he is feeling would be sent her way...

Tifa said...

That's an interesting twist. I hadn't thought about it that way.

Also, didn't Niall call her "dear heart" towards the end of the book as well? Could that be a clue that he was talking about Eric in his last few words?

Anonymous said...

Nah, it's just gas

Melissa said...

I picked up on the Dear Heart too!! But I definitely think Niall is talking abut Bill.

Beautiful Greetings said...

Although I really want Niall to be talking about Eric because I just love the two of them together, I do think he meant Bill. Bill spent that time with him rescuing Sookie and Bill was willing to die for her. I wonder if Sookie decided she loved Bill, how the blood bond with Eric would affect her.