Thursday, May 21, 2009

True Blood Cast iTunes playlist :Stephem Moyers list

Stephen Moyer’s Itunes Playlist

1. English Rose by The Jam: “Wellers simply lyrics and the descending chromatic kill me and transport me back to my 13 year old mod self.”
2. Stool Pidgeon Blues by Lightnin’ Hopkins: “I found this aged about 9 or 10 in my Dad’s record collection. I was blown away by it. I remember so vividly placing the arm back on the vinyl over and over again for days and months. The solo is incredible.”
3. Cucurrucucu Paloma by Caetano Veloso: “When my daughter was born this is what I was listening to. It transfers me right back to that magical time. His voice is just beautiful.”
4. Tango Till They’re Sore by Tom Waits: “Could have filled this entire playlist with Tom Waits…might have been a hundred other track. Today it’s this one…”
5. Ahoy There! by Mr. Scruff:” My son and I know this forward backwards and sideways. We sing it in the car all the time, reminds me of my gorgeous funny boy.”
6. Pencil Rot by Stephen Malkmus: “I am one of the geeks that sit twidding my thumbs waiting for new Malkmus tracks to become available. This is mad and brilliant. It’ll stay twirling in your head forever.”
7. You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go by Bob Dylan: “Makes me think of traveling on buses and trains through Thailand with my cassette walkman.. ‘when something isn’t right it’s wrong…’ … it’s full of great lines.”
8. That’s All I Wanna Do by Graham Coxon: “Just love this track.. A great unrequited yearning pavement-esque love song.”
9. Dazed and Confused by Led Zeppelin: “From the opening slow bass lick through to the moment that the band explodes is still is one of the great visceral rock and roll songs. (I spent more time deciding which led zep song than any other in this list.)”
10. I Cover the Waterfront by Billie Holiday: “This recording is late on and almost tragic as she searches for the opening note or even which song it is… but it makes it all the more poignant for me.”
11. Vete de Mi by Bebo & Cigala: “Rehearsing for a film in Switzerland, the director Daniel Schmid and actor Edoardo Noriega waltzed around the space singing this song in preparation for the film.”
12. Stuck In a Tight Spot by Clor: “There’s an EP and on album available from these guys. They are amazing. The middle eight from this is fantastic.”
13. White Winter Hymnal by Fleet Foxes: “Everyone in our house knows the lyrics to this song, my girlfriend, the kids, the dog…”
14. (Nice Dream) by Christopher O’Riley: “This is where you kick back and put your feet up and smoke your pipe in wonderment… Radioheads genius coupled with O’Rileys wonderfully fluent playing.”

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