Friday, May 22, 2009

HBO partners with marketers for 'True Blood' campaign

For the second season of the vampire TV series, the network created fake ads for real brands.
By: Kunur Patel

Cable network HBO partnered with marketers for an ad campaign promoting the second season premier of its series "True Blood." Agency Digital Kitchen created ads for fake products targeting vampires from real brands Ecko Unlimited, Geico, Gillette, Harley-Davidson, MINI and more executions below. The ads maintain the brands' logos and creative style while featuring made-up vampire-themed copy and products.

Is Gawker in on the campaign, too? Suggesting another not-yet-announced brand partnership, Creativity this afternoon received invitations from agency Campfire to a party hosted by Gawker Media to welcome Bloodcopy, a "True Blood" blog-like microsite, into its network of websites

Ecko Fragrance : Attract a Human

Gillette Razor : Dead Sexy Vampires prefer the fusion shave