Friday, May 22, 2009

Who knows that Sookie is granddaughter to Niall and who knows she is part fairy?

Who knows that Sookie is granddaughter to Niall and who knows she is part fairy? We have two very different issues here that some are conflating.
What have I missed ?

In Dead and Gone:
"Hey, does the new king know about my great-grandfather?" Eric's face settled into lines of stone. "I can't predict Felipe's reaction if he finds out, my lover. Bill and I are the only ones who have that knowledge now. It has to stay that way. Pg 46

So, Eric is saying that only he and Bill know she is great- granddaughter to the fairy prince Niall ?? Well, he must have been saying that he and Bill are the only vampires who know, because we know that others do know her relationship to Niall including Sam, Mr. Cataliades, Dinatha , Amelia and Jason .

As to her fairy blood:

She says in Definitely Dead "I didn't believe this wonderful fairy blood had done all that much for me, either. Maybe a few vampires had been a little more interested in me and friendly to me than they would have been otherwise, but I couldn't say that had been much of an advantage. In fact, many people would say the vampire attention had been a big negative factor in my life. I might be one of those people."

Question : But now who knows she is part Fae ?
Answer : Everyone ( almost)

I would imagine if Pam know from Andre in ATD then Bill learns then too.

"You have fairy blood," Eric said, as if his own lightbulb had just lit up. "That explains a lot." Dd

"I don't see that that makes any difference," Pam said, her voice curiously gentle. "Now that we know you have fairy blood, thanks to Andre, ATD

And I would have gone on and on, if Quinn hadn't said, "I don't give a damn about fairies, myself." Any available room left in the kitchen vanished.DD

"Maybe it's the fairy blood," Amelia said, staring at me thoughtfully.I shrugged ATD

Sophie-Anne &Andre
"I love the smell of fairy. Do you think she knows she has fairy blood?" he asked Sophie-Anne, while I was in the process of transferring my lipstick. "I what?" I hadn't heard him correctly, I was sure. "I have what?" "He has a nose for it," the queen said. "My Andre." She looked faintly proud. DD

Mr Cataliades & Dinatha
"Your great-grandfather has many enemies," Diantha said slowly and carefully DAG

Sandra Pelt & Barbara & Gordon Pelt
Her parents might have been within ear shot if not Sandra could have told them afterward DD

Colonel Flood
Colonel Flood knows Claudine and knows she has a relationship with Sookie

Jason find out about Niall in Book 9 "And one of those enemies," I said after I'd told him our family history, "is our half-human great-uncle, Fintan's brother, Dermot DAG

Sam has seen Sookie and her fairy cousin numerous times in the bar and both he and Alcide see Claudia save Sookie in FDTW were war.

Alcide / Tray
Both he and Alcide see Claudia save Sookie in FDTW were war.

Yes. I guess you've talked to Alcide?""Yeah. I'm not trying to get in your business, but it would have been better to hear all this from you directly. When you're here as my friend and Amelia's boyfriend, I tell you what I think I can without endangering you or Amelia. It never occurred to me that Niall's enemies would think of getting information through my roommate. DAG

Peter Threadgill he may have known about Hadley and Sookie just by spying on Sophie-Anne

Rasul maybe heard at the cabin in DD

Though I remembered the vampire in Mississippi who'd told me he detected a trace of fairy blood in my veins


Rita said...

IMO it's not how many knew she had
fae blood.It would be who her ggf

" Dallas " said...

Yes I think so too and Eric seems to be talking only about what VAMPIRES know

CrypticD said...

But, don't forget, Sam also knows about Niall, too!

From "FROM DEAD TO WORSE" Pg 268 He was the most beautiful being I'd ever seen.
He didn't look remotely like a human grandfather. Human grandfathers wore gimme caps from the John Deere place and overalls. They took you fishing. They let you ride on their tractors. They groused at you for being too pampered and then they bought you candy. As for human great-grandfathers, most of us hardly got to know ours.
I became aware of Sam standing by my side.
"Who is that?" He breathed.
"That's my, ah, great-granddad," I said. He was right there in front of me. I had to explain.
"Oh," he said, his voice full of amazement.

" Dallas " said...

Thanks Cryptic !!!