Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ouch! HBO’s Vampire Show Bites Business Blog.

from Gawker

Here’s a scoop from Silicon Alley Insider, published Saturday morning: “Gawker Media announced last night that it acquired It’s a blog about vampires. Really.”

No, not really.

While an earlier version of the story went on to include a graph depicting BloodCopy’s Web traffic and several theories that might explain Gawker Media’s purchase of a vampire-themed blog, the Alley Insider post has since been revised. It now explains that the news site was snookered by a “PR firm contracted by Gawker [that] sent us a release with the news.”

Said news is actually part of a promotional campaign for “True Blood,” the vampire show entering its second season on Time Warner’s (TWX) HBO .

More details about BloodCopy, the fake blog that HBO runs to promote the show, as well as other marketing stunts the cable network has rolled out, are available here. But if you don’t have time to read a whole blog post, do be aware that this anti-vampire rights group is a fake. So is this pro-vampire rights group. And so is this synthetic blood beverage.

Disclosures! I used to work for Alley Insider, whose parent company just raised a bunch of money, which makes me happy.


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