Saturday, May 23, 2009

True Blood behind the scenes: A Passage Into the Primeval on a Bayou Lake in East Texas

This is where part of the True Blood opening credits was filmed ..

New York Times
EVERY visitor to Caddo Lake on the Texas-Louisiana border seems to come away with a profoundly personal impression. Anglers prize Caddo, the only naturally formed lake in Texas, for its trophy bass; canoeists rate its twisting, interlocking bayous among the most challenging to navigate.

Environmentalists cherish its 26,000 acres as a rare, if not singular, wetlands environment. Caddo is more of a large bayou, composed of many smaller waterways. It is home to over 200 species of birds; hundreds of kinds of mammals, reptiles and fish; and countless plants, most prominently the towering baldcypress — some as old as 400 years — that erupt from its surface like limbs of drowned giants.

But what struck me about Caddo Lake the first time I saw it was the powerful suggestion of the supernatural that it evoked. Honestly, it’s kind of a creepy place.

Spectral shapes shift in the mist that rises from its cilantro-colored surface; ghost stories seem to ooze from its forested shores. Spanish moss dangles like serpents from cypress branches; spooky tales lurk behind the wary eyes of egrets and rabbits.

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