Friday, May 1, 2009

The Red Unicorn quizz answer !

The question was when did Sookie come in contact with this ?

Yes, this is the red unicorn that was stamped into the wax seal on the envelope from Niall in Bk8, the envelope contained the address for Remy Savoy ( and Hunter)

Thanks to rita, nancy, april, tiffany, tara , debra, kristie and amy
You guys are very smart.....


Lady Jane said...

I was confused whether you wanted a book answer or from the Series because although I knew where it was in the books, I was like mmmm where did it come to play in the series did I miss something Bill and/or Eric gave her something official LOL

" Dallas " said...

Since we have seen so little of the Sookie story on True Blood my questions like this are almost 100 % from the books ..I usually say if I mean from the books and/or if there are two versions book /TV series !

you can always ask me:

Thanks "d"