Thursday, July 30, 2009

True Blood: Blood Work Episode 6 'Hard- Hearted Hannah"

Andy and Brian take on episode 6!
Thanks for the shout out ! WE LOVE having you guys on our Talk Blood blogtalk radio show Sunday nights, now you see how hard it is to react immediately to the episodes !

The guys will be on again with us for Ep 8 and we have big plans in the works for later in the season ..[stay tuned]

Thanks guys ...this might be your best True Blood vlog review yet.
Check out what Brian has to say about the ep here at Camp


TeamEricSookie said...

I most definitely enjoyed Brian & Andy's review of Epi 2x06 much better than the epi itself...Brown Cow Chicken Brown Cow. LOL!

Andy was adorable as the crooner and I love Brian's shirt. I'd like to see both of these gents make an appearance in Season 3 of TB! I was also fascinated by the picture hanging behind them. What is that? ;P