Thursday, July 30, 2009

True Blood EW interview with Alan Ball

Everyone said I HAD to also post the Alan Ball interview


Anonymous said...

The body language is very telling. Alex sits back, deferring to Stephen & Anna. Stephen clearly is not comfortable with the future story line, but everyone tries to defuse it with the "Eric-Bill Man Love" joke.

Anonymous said...

Sorry--need to clarify my post--it's about one of the clips that turn up at the bottom after the Alan Ball interview; BTW, to quote Lorena, Alan's a terrible liar ;-)

mydoglikesbeer said...

What is Alan lying about?

I don't think it's just Stephen that is uncomfortable with the future story line. If you watch AP in the comic con video, every time a question is asked about Eric and Sookie she looks decidedly unhappy. Hope she's as good an actress as I think she is.