Saturday, August 8, 2009

Blood Copy : A Tale of two fangs

wow...from Blood Copy

This is a true story.*

There’s this guy, let’s call him Ted. Ted’s parents were divorced when he was very young, and he lived with his father, rarely seeing his mother at first, and eventually not at all. Perhaps because of this upbringing, Ted had spent his life drifting through unhealthy relationships, and recently a particularly rough break up had left him with low spirits and a strong bought of insomnia. While up watching late night television he saw an ad for a phone chat line offering the chance to speak with a real vampire. At first he laughed it off, but ended up seeing it again the next night. And the next. Finally, curiosity overwhelmed him and he called.

Ted ended up speaking with a woman, Annie, who was eager to tell him about the “pleasures of the undead.” However, Ted found himself more curious about vampires in general than any salacious activities they could offer. She explained this was against the rules, but he persisted. Figuring he was the one paying for the call, she agreed to only offer minor details about herself. Taste in music, interest in modern dance, a love of swimming under the moonlight. Ted ended up speaking with her nearly until dawn, at which point her need to sleep (and the max on his credit card) forced the conversation to come to an end.

Ted enjoyed it so much he called the next night. This time Annie made a request. She couldn’t remember what the sun looked like. Ted recalled his most memorable visions of the sun rising and setting. He described the majestic colors, the feeling of awesome power standing beneath it. Again they spoke late into the night, and by now Ted had decided to request she meet him in person. She refused, and asked him not to call again.

Ted honored her wishes, but couldn’t stop thinking about her nonetheless. He couldn’t say just why, but he felt something while he spoke with her. Something that was lacking through much of his life. A connection.

Then, about a week later, Annie called him. She hadn’t been able to stop thinking about him either. She wanted to meet. Ted felt butterflies on the way over. Almost like he was a kid again going on his first date. He arrived at the location and eagerly awaited her to join him. After a few moments, Annie arrived, looking stunning. Ted rose and met her gaze.

His mother stood before him.

*Okay, it’s not a true story. But then again, who’s to say it hasn’t happened?