Saturday, August 8, 2009

The newly engaged Anna Paquin walking her dogs...

* his name is Banjo and he's a rescued Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog.
The Catahoulas are important in the Sookie books, I wrote about them here In the books Terry has Catahoulas and even breeds them -Sookie almost takes a puppy in one of the short stories.
Guess she has one now ....

When she's not frolicking around with dolphins and seals, Anna Paquin knows that a good walk is essential to a dog's health. The True Blood star was spotted yesterday taking a stroll through the streets of Santa Monica with her two best furry friends. Although I can see that one of her four-legged pals is a Border Collie, I'm having quite the time trying to place the breed of the brown companion. Besides keeping the dogs in good shape with long walks, Anna practices good owner behavior by keeping poop bags handy with a black Bon Ton dispenser.

More cute photos here


Rita said...

It is a Louisianna Catahoula Leopard
dog,his name is Banjo.The story is
on "The Vault"

" Dallas " said...

Oh i'm glad he's a catahoula that would have been my second guess.

I'll repeat my catahoula articles

Ryn Blair said...

"Banjo" is an odd looking dog. Are we sure that he is a pure bred? He looks very close to one though not exact.He looks like a pup. Either way, pretty cool. :) Very cool that Anna has one..and even more since they are in the books. There is one that comes to my work and she will let you do anything to her. It's interesting to see how breeds change over time. I bet those two breeds'(Catahoula & Border Collie) personalities get along great! I love the merle markings on an animal, its so cool looking. There are even merle BC. :)

"Catahoula(Catahoula Leopard Dog) a symbol of the state of Louisiana, the Catahoula has obscure origins. He measures 20-26in tall, weighs 40-66lb, has pendulous ears and may have heterochromatic eyes. He wears a close-lying, grey coat with uneven black markings and fawn coloring on the head and legs. This hound is as skille on large game (bear) as he is on raccoon. He is used as a sheepdog and makes a good watchdog." - The Royal Canin Dog Encyclopedia