Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dragon*con 2009 Preview

From Girls entertainment network( for us it's Charlaine Harris)

The West Coast may have Comic-con, but the East Coast is home to an equally enormous pop-culture extravaganza that surpasses San Diego in size, scope, and interests. It’s Dragon*con, the U.S.’s largest multi-media pop-culture convention and one of the largest of its kind in the world.

Held every year in Atlanta, Georgia during Labor Day weekend, Dragon*con is a geek’s ultimate Mecca. If you’re into it, this convention covers it. For 22 years, Atlanta has hosted this four-day celebration of pop-culture and it continues to grow. The convention is split into several dozen different “tracks” of programming that pertains to specific areas of interest. From Star Trek and Star Wars to anime and literature and more. It is literally impossible not to find something you are interested in. In most cases, there is almost too much to see and do—the biggest complaint is that you never see a fraction of what you want to see due to conflicting schedules and priorities. Collectively, there are over 3,500 hours of programming throughout the entire holiday weekend.

To some geeks, D*Con is better than Christmas.

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