Saturday, September 26, 2009

I Kissed a Vampire : A Rock Musical !

High School Musical alumni Lucas Grabeel and Drew Seeley star in Vampire musical web-series, debuting on iTunes October 13th, 2009

High School Musical alumni Lucas Grabeel, Drew Seeley, and newcomer Adrian Slade star in I Kissed A Vampire, the first ever Vampire musical web-series. I Kissed A Vampire is a musical look at the torment of falling in love when you’re in the middle of becoming a vampire. Dylan (Grabeel) is terrified when a nasty bat bite transforms him into one of the living dead. His world is turned upside down, and he has to figure out how to balance his budding romance with Sara (Slade), the girl next door, and the bloodthirsty desires his magnetic vampire mentor Trey (Seeley) is constantly urging him to give in to.

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Dylan is crazy about his beautiful neighbor Sara, and she likes him, too. But a nasty bat bite on a camping trip has changed Dylan in ways he never expected…he sprouts fangs and the smell of O Positive suddenly drives him wild. It’s true — Dylan is becoming a vampire! Terrified, he sings about his fear of becoming a monster who must kill to survive. Dylan doesn’t know what to do or how to tell Sara, and hiding it is getting harder and harder, especially since when she’s around, all he can think about is biting her delectable neck. His evasions frustrate a confused Sara, and since this is a musical they’re both driven to sing about their feelings.

Sexy vampire Trey revels in being one of the living dead, complete with a harem of dancing vampire groupies. Trey can’t stand Dylan’s misery so he decides to show the budding vamp how to take a bite out of his new life with style. His seductive song urges Dylan to spread his wings and taste the delights of all kinds of girls, really “go for the throat”. Dylan refuses and panics when Trey gets too close to Sara, but he can’t stop the vamp from mesmerizing her into going to a hot vampire party. Desperate to keep the girl he loves safe, Dylan goes along — but can he save Sara’s life? Or at least find a way to kiss her without draining her dry?