Saturday, September 26, 2009

True Blood Season 2 Time Line Part 2

Sorry, Part 2 has taken a week ..but here are Days 6-8

I think we should illustrate the daily time-line by what Sookie is wearing during these scenes. We know Season 2 went by fast but even in the story all the events happened in just a few days .. You can see how the time-line went for the first 6 days. HERE

Day Six
Jason work out as a LODI Warrior of God
Tara and Eggs wake up at Sookie's
Sookie wakes up in Dallas and learns about Continental breakfasts
Lafayette returns to Merlotte's
MaryAnn and Carl move into Sookie's with Tara
Jason helps Luke
Evening Sookie Bill and Eric visit with Stan and Isabelle at Godric's nest
Jason sees Steve Newlin's arsenal
MaryAnn causes everyone to fight at Merlotte's
Sarah Newlin helps Jason take a relaxing bath
The plan is set to rescue Godric Bill and Eric have a few words and Eric tells Bill about his being "made" by Godric
Sam and Daphne "play "some pool
Sookie and Bill return to hotel and Sookie finds that Barry has quit
Tara comes home from work to find Mary Ann reading in Gran's clothing
Lorena appears in the hall outside Sookie and Bills room in the Carmilla (Ep 5 ends)
Eric is feeding in hotel bar when Lorena approaches
Isabelle and Hugo visit with Sookie and Bill Lorena has 20's flashback of life with Bill
Sam and Daphne still playing pool.

Day 7
Tara and Eggs are dispatched by MaryAnn for water heater part
The Newlin’s assign Luke and Jason to build the “Meet the Sun” platform at FotS
Sookie and Hugo meet to discuss plan for FotS visit
Tara and Eggs take a little detour on the way to get the part.
Andy questions Lafayette and turns into Eric
Hoyt demands that Maxine turn back on his cell phone
Sookie and Hugo arrive at FotS
Back to the Lorena and Bill 1920 blood bath
Eggs finds the clearing and has some memories emerge
Sookie and Hugo tour FotS
Sam and Daphne “enjoy each other’s company”
Pam visits Lafayette in the Merlotte’s cooler and tells him to resume selling V
Lorena wakes Bill and overpowers him
Hugo and Sookie are captured and taken to FotS basement
Eggs and Tara return to another orgy
Jessica wakes up and finds that Hoyt has driven from Bon Temps to Dallas to visit
Sarah Newlin and Jason “enjoy each other’s company” in church balcony
Daphne lures Sam into a trap by MaryAnn (Ep6 ends)
Andy wanders into the orgy and shoots his gun and Sam escapes
Sookie and Hugo are in basement
Bill and Lorena are NOT enjoying each other’s company also flashback to 1930s
Isabel and Eric visit FotS
Sarah Newlin tells Jason that they need to tell Steve about having sex
Eric returns to Hotel Carmilla fights with Stan

Day 8
Eggs and Tara wake up on couch Sam returns to Merlotte’s for a gun
Steve Newlin talks to Sookie and Hugo
Lorena and Bills still awake begin ‘the bleeds’
MaryAnn returns to Sookie’s house with dead rabbit
Newlin and Gabe capture Jason
Daphne and Sam talk at lake
Sookie finds out that Hugo is the traitor
Daphne tells Sam what MaryAnn is, Sam leaves
Hugo tells Sookie about his working for FotS
Gabe takes Jason off to kill him –Jason overpowers him and escapes
Tara and Arlene talk at Merlotte’s
Eggs meets Lafayette at Merlotte’s
Andy tries to tell everyone what’s been happening with the orgys.
Jessica awakes to roses and candles from Hoyt
Jason is captured and shot by Sarah Newlin
MaryAnn visits Daphne and Eggs kills her
Bill tries again to escape –flash back again to 30s
Barry visits to tell Bill that Sookie is in trouble
Eric overhears and goes to Fots
Gabe tries to rape Sookie and is stopped by Godric (Ep 7 ends)
Godric kills Gabe.
Eric arrives and Godric orders Eric to safely get Sookie out
Jason was shot by a paintball –he takes cart from Sarah
Eric and Sookie try to leave, Eric pretends to be human
Eric is taken captive by Steve Newlin
Lorena captures Barry and tastes him
Bill hits Lorena over the head with TV and escapes with Barry
Bill interrupts Hoyt and Jessica and tells them to leave now for Bon Temps
Lafayette is reading Tara’s Tarot cards
Jason gets infiltrates FotS
Sam, asleep in his car gets a call from Merlotte’s
He goes to find Daphne dead with heart missing
MaryAnn is cooking heart and making Hunter soufflé for Tara and Eggs
With Eric chained to altar Bill burst into the FotS church
Jason shoots Steve Newlin with paint ball
Stan and the Dallas vamps arrive at FotS and fighting begins
Sookie rescues Eric and the fighting is stopped by Godric
Sheriff Dearborn and Kenya arrive at Merlotte’s and question Sam
Tara and Eggs eat the MaryAnn soufflé
Back at the Dallas nest house everyone is greeting Godric
Eric tells Jason he knows that he is a V user and Jason promises to never use again
Bill and Sookie talk
Jessica and Hoyt arrive back in Bon Temps and find that Jessica has reverted back to being a virgin.
Bill and Eric talk and threaten each other
Isabel brings Hugo to Godric and Godric releases him
Bill and Sookie try to talk again and are interrupted by Jason wanting to talk to Bill outside
Sam is put in jail by the sheriff.
Jason apologizes to Bill and they hug
Eric tries to get Godric to feed
Tara and Eggs begin to hit each other and then have sex while MaryAnn watches
Lorena approaches Sookie at party and Sookie defends Bill
Lorena attacks Sookie and is stopped by Godric
Bill is told by Godric to escort Lorena out of of the house and she is to leave area
Luke enters the house and is wired with a bomb, he says to all gathered that he is a message from Steve Newlin
Luke detonates himself (Ep 8 ends)
The house explodes Bill runs in to find Eric shielding Sookie
He chases a FotS member who is shooting in arrows
Survivors examine wreckage of Dallas nest
Eric tells Sookie he is dying and she must suck out shrapnel
Bill find them and tells Sookie that it was a trick
Sookie and Bill at hotel talk and Bill tells her she will feel sexual attraction to Eric in future
Hoyt and Jessica plan to meet Maxine

Day 9

Sookies outfits
Gingham red dress
Blue flowered dress
white suit dress
pink tank top/ stripe pants pajamas


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