Monday, September 21, 2009

More video with Stephen Moyer at Emmy's

From Ausiello
Of all the Emmy interviews I did yesterday, my red carpet Q&A with True Blood’s Stephen Moyer may be my favorite. This was my first time interviewing him one-on-one, so I think I was expecting someone more along the lines of, well, Bill Compton — that is brooding, dark, and relatively humorless. (I couldn’t really get a read on him during that group interview at Comic-Con). Well, Moyer is none of those things, as you’re about to see. I was particularly impressed with his response to my Eric-Sookie question as well as his take on why the show’s love triangles don’t suck. Watch the video after the jump!

read on and watch video here

another interview of Stephen Moyer from TV Guide


TeamEricSookie said...

Good Lord Stephen looked great at the Emmys last night. That man can fill a tux quite nicely and I can never get tired of that accent.

His eyes stand out so much more with the lighter hair IMO. How handsome!