Monday, September 21, 2009

'True Blood' wins 'Breakthrough' honor at the Emmys. Whazzat?

stephenmoyer_trueblood_290.jpg"True Blood" wasn't up for any awards at Sunday night's Primetime Emmy telecast, but it earned some accolades during the broadcast anyway.

The HBO series won something called the "Breakthrough Performance of the Year" that was announced near the end of Sunday's show, beating out Kris Allen's crowning moment on "American Idol" and Chuck kissing Blair on "Gossip Girl."

So what, exactly, is the Breakthrough Performance of the Year? It doesn't really have anything to do with the Emmys, for starters. It's a fan poll sponsored by (owned by CBS, which aired the awards this year) and Vaseline, which is hyping, no kidding, a "breakthrough in body lotion" and designed to recognize things that cut through the TV clutter and grabbed people's attention over the past season.

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Rita said...

Well since i don't watch American
Idol or Gossip Girl and i do watch
True Blood and love it that would be
my choice.