Monday, October 5, 2009

Hey Truebies : Group reading of Bram Stocker's Dracula

It's time to read it again and here is a chance to group read it together

Infinite summer just did a group read of Infinite Jest and now is turning their sights on Dracula.

Check it out here

All the chapters are posted in very nicely readable pdfs ( for free -there is no copyright on the book) I've posted the first one below and have put the first 4 chapters on our scribd page.

Here is the forum I will open a thread on our forum if anyone is interested in getting a discussion group together on our page.

Here is the reading schedule

Fri, 10/02 Chapter 1: Jonathan Harker’s Journal
Sat, 10/03 Chapter 3: Jonathan Harker’s Journal
Sun, 10/04 Chapter 4: Jonathan Harker’s Journal
Mon, 10/05 Chapter 5: Letter From Miss Mina Murray To Miss Lucy Westenra
Tue, 10/06 Chapter 6: Mina Murray’s Journal
Wed, 10/07 Chapter 7: Cutting From “The Dailygraph”, 8 August
Thu, 10/08 Chapter 8: Mina Murray’s Journal
Fri, 10/09 Chapter 9: Letter, Mina Harker To Lucy Westenra
Sun, 10/11 Chapter 10: Letter, Dr. Seward To Hon. Arthur Holmwood
Mon, 10/12 Chapter 11 Lucy Westenra’s Diary
Tue, 10/13 Chapter 12: Dr. Seward’s Diary
Wed, 10/14 Chapter 13: Dr. Seward’s Diary
Thu, 10/15 Chapter 14: Mina Harker’s Journal
Sat, 10/17 Chapter 15 Dr. Seward’s Diary
Sun, 10/18 Chapter 16: Dr. Seward’s Diary
Mon, 10/19 Chapter 17 Dr. Seward’s Diary
Tue, 10/20 Chapter 18: Dr. Seward’s Diary
Wed, 10/21 Chapter 19: Jonathan Harker’s Journal
Thu, 10/22 Chapter 20: Jonathan Harker’s Journal
Fri, 10/23 Chapter 21: Dr. Seward’s Diary
Sun, 10/25 Chapter 22: Jonathan Harker’s Journal
Mon, 10/26 Chapter 23 Dr. Seward’s Diary
Tue, 10/27 Chapter 24: Dr. Seward’s Phonograph Diary
Wed, 10/28 Chapter 25: Dr. Seward’s Diary
Thu, 10/29 Chapter 26: Dr. Seward’s Diary
Sat, 10/31 Chapter 27: Mina Harker’s Journal

Chapters will be posted here too HERE

Chapter 2 HERE
Chapter 3 HERE
Chapter 4 HERE