Monday, October 5, 2009

Armchair Casting Director: 'True Blood' welcomes a Debbie Downer

From EW

You’re gonna have a field day with this one, people — I know I did. True Blood is looking for a twenty- to thirtysomething knockout to play season 3 werewolf Alcide’s psycho ex-girlfriend, Debbie Pelt. So who comes to mind when you hear that she’s described as sporty and spiteful, with black hair that wouldn’t be out of place on an Afghan at a dog show? Who comes to my mind is…

Milla Jovovich: Though she’s the heroine in the Resident Evil flicks, haven’t her angular features and kickass bod always made you think “bitch on wheels”? Just me? Really? Well, she’s still been known to try out the odd shag from time to time.

Katharine Isabelle: How perfect an option is this Supernatural alum? She’s gorgeous, snarky, and in the first of the Ginger Snaps movies, she didn’t just play a werewolf’s honey, she played the werewolf herself. Top that, Shakira!

Shakira: Come to think of it, the hip-swiveling ”She-Wolf” might not be a bad choice for the role. Certainly, her animal instincts are the stuff of legend. Then again, how would Alan Ball feel about a Debbie who talks like Charo?

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Rita said...

I don't know who should be Debbie
Pelt but the casting will be very
interesting.Can't wait for season #3
is it June yet.